800A & 1000A multi-process power source for industrial welding applications

EWELD 800HD & 1000HD CC/CV are true multi-process welding power sources designed for the heaviest duty welding applications. Utilising our hybrid OPTeARC technology these machines offers an unrivalled combination of extreme welding performance, very low power consumption & rugged reliable build.
With 100% duty cycle at maximum power these machines are perfect for sub arc welding (SAW), Arc air gouging (CAC), MMA (SMAW) welding, metal spraying, MIG/MAG (MCAW, FCAW), TIG and other applications which require very high current and the highest possible duty cycle.

TECFEED 250i & 350i Arc voltage wire feed units

Inline wire feeders for 15kg or 5kg spool to plug directly onto DC power sources to allow MIG, MAG, FCAW, MCAW welding, ideal for diesel welders, DC MMA power sources, batteries etc.